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This May Be A Real Gift Trade

This is going to be short and very simple. Why are you trading? To make money in you trading account.
With this objective here is a potential trade that may be just what you are looking for but it may
stretch your normal trading setup.

I will only mention the Name of the Futures Contract. August Live Cattle.

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Thursday Night’s Newsletter and Trade Setups for Friday

Tonight would be a good time to visit 2 potential trades for Friday.

August Cattle – Yes, cattle. I know many haven’t traded the cattle but if you’re trading this is a nice setup forming below $1.00 a potential double bottom. I will be discussing it in tomorrows live trading room.

The second is Gold – with a correction of 61.8% I would not be surprised to see the managed funds begin to probe the market on the long side. Join us at tradethesystem live tomorrow for our discussion on these two trade setups and our follow up to today’s spread trades.

How Much Do You Know About These Trades?

Welcome to TradetheSystem’s Wednesday’s Newsletter—-
Tonight we will look at the patterns that are setting up for 3 really nice potential currency trades. These markets have been in steep selling trends for several weeks and are beginning to look like they may be trying to form a base for a correction. The big difference is the 250 day moving average. That is the bold green dashed line. The Pound and the Canadian are both trading on the average and the Franc has moved below the 250 MA to a point where I would look for a correction back to the 250 MA. The dollar has had quiet a run of strength but all things will at some point correct. If we get the correction will it be a short term correction or a trend reversal? The market will tell us, just make sure you have the patience to not trade against the MACD.

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Are You Trading Against This Market Information?

Tuesday’s Newsletter –

What is the condition of the overall market? As we take a look at advance/decline we can assume that we are not at a point where the internal indicators are telling us that all is over and the market is in a decline. What the A/D cumulative line is showing is there is room for a pull back to the 50 day moving average line.

The Dow is still above the 50 day MA and well above the 100 day MA. What does that indicate? Look for opportunities to buy on pullbacks. There are times when we cannot see the forest for the trees. We are dealing with short term rates on the rise and the question to ask there is, what will traders do with the 5 and 10 years notes? Is it time to buy into that market? Remember rising rates = decline in principal.

Watch the corn market Wednesday. We have had a slight up move in the grains and there are several fundamental reasons that you could make for a market rally. Remember, over 50% of the 2018 crop is planted and right on average for continued progress of the crop. Seasonal moves are holding to the norm. Also look for spreads in the cattle, soybeans, and soybean meal. There have been several fantastic setups in these markets.

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Monday’s TTS Newsletter

Are you trading spreads? Today we have had several opportunities to trade spreads in the Soybean and Soybean Meal. As we approach the middle of planting season the crop progress reports are closely watched on Monday afternoons to determine if there are areas of concern with the Ag markets. Today corn was reported to be 62% planted verses 63% average. Also, soybeans were reported to be 35% planted verses 25% average. The first chart will show the past price movement for the Soybean Meal Spread which we entered today. The second chart will show the ongoing Nov/July Soybean spread that we entered into about 6 weeks ago. There are several other opportunity trades ahead that I will cover later this week.

As we progress in the growing season we will be looking for additional opportunities in these markets along with additional potential seasonal trades in Crude and Gold

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