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Welcome to the TradeTheSystem Live.

Here we encourage new and old traders alike to build a systematic approach to trading. To develop a system, work the system and TradetheSystem.

Log in daily to hear daily live market commentary and trading in the Stock Indices, Grains, Bonds, Crude Oil along with education in the art of trading the futures market.
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The Week of January 7th is below:

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IMPORTANT: TradetheSystem Live is an interactive trading room.

We welcome and encourage questions. The idea is to give you the opportunity to look over our shoulders. In addition, the moderators will provide tutorials and education throughout the day.
This Live Market Commentary is run with the following goal: To establish a community of traders that all help each other to make money every day, and to have fun doing it. To this end, feel free to post your own trades. The moderators encourage this. All egos are checked at the door–for moderators and members alike. However, if you choose to post trades, you must post your entry when you take the trade. There is no “after the fact” posting allowed. Feel free to post messages on any subject. But be nice, no profanity, no name calling, and no commercial posts.

Discourteous behavior and policy violators will be blocked from the room.

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